Privacy Policy:

This page is to inform you about our privacy policy, and about which data we collect about you.

What data do we collect about you?

The only personal data we collect and store are:

  • a name (which can be a nickname for this specific use)
  • an email address

We ask for a name and an email address in the following possible locations:

  • The contact form on this site
  • The bug trackers of projects developed, sponsored and/or hosted by formatio reticularis
  • The forums of projects developed, sponsored and/or hosted by formatio reticularis
  • The wikis of projects developed, sponsored and/or hosted by formatio reticularis
  • The mailing lists of projects developed, sponsored and/or hosted by formatio reticularis

This information is stored in the respective databases that underly these information systems. This information is kept for an indeterminate period of time, as they are needed for the functioning of these communication systems.   

The web server's log files of these systems contain the IP address from all requests. Occasionally they also contain a name or email address. The log files are deleted after 2 days unless we need to analyse some problem with the server. In such cases, the relevant log file may be kept longer but will be deleted after being used.

The collected data is not communicated or sold to other parties in any way, other than what is accessible publicly through the public user interface.

You are free to use an alias and a special email address that cannot be linked to any other personal information. We will be none the wiser.

Note that because some information is displayed publicly, it can be therefore be downloaded to other servers beyond our control (such as mailing list archives).

What is the data used for?

The data is only used to be able to contact you through the public websites or by email in case of bug reports.

Where can you see this information?

All recorded information is publicly accessible when you log into one of these systems, you can consult therefore all information we have on the respective websites listed above.

What to do if you want to exercise your right to be forgotten?

Send a mail to johannes.dietrich@[Host2], where [Host2] is to be substituted by "", with the request. Please include the necessary information we need to find your data in your request: that includes username, email. We will get back to you when we process your request.

Use of cookies

The bug trackers, wikis, and forums of the project specified above use cookies to maintain a session for your activities in the respective sites. Some of these cookies are hosted at

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